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About Us

Service health, focus on quality, create value

Changfeng Medical Industry

Jiangsu Changfeng Medical Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994 and formally established on November 30, 1999. With the strong support of Party committees, governments, drug administration, industrial and commercial taxation and other departments at all levels, it has developed into a modern medical enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and culture. It is divided into three major sectors: Shanghai International Trade Department; Hangzhou, Suzhou R & D base; Yangzhou Head Bridge, Jiangdu Bridge production base.

In response to the development strategy of healthy China, the company has been committed to the production of medical devices to protect the health of the people. The company has formed a full-cycle health management chain for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. The company mainly produces in vitro diagnostic consumables; general hospital product consumables; expanded from medical device industry production to health industry operation; providing medical device manufacturers with raw materials, accessories, research and development, production and other services.



Focus on new product development, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. In 2016, it invested tens of millions of yuan to design and develop influenza testing swabs and applied for CE certification. In 2020, the new crown outbreak, immediately invest funds to attract talent, design and develop the production of test kits in the sample extraction tube and tube preservation fluid. In July 2021, the new sponge swab developed by our company was also successfully listed. Now our nucleic acid collection swabs have pharyngeal sampling, nasal sampling, nasopharyngeal sampling, saliva sampling and other models for the market to choose.


Increase investment in technological transformation, introduce talents, and strengthen foreign cooperation. In 2022, the company invested 0.1 billion yuan to renovate the old factory building, purchase new equipment, and employ domestic experts and doctors with high salaries. Docking with scientific research institutes of domestic universities, cooperating with Siemens Company of Germany, BD Company of the United States and Abbott Company of the United States; Domestic companies such as Oriental Biology, Aibo Biology, Aotai Biology, Aikang Biology, Guangzhou Wanfu, Nanjing Nuoweizan, Nanjing Jidan, etc.


Adhere to scientific management, improve the management system. The company has established a sound quality management system based on international and domestic standards, and has obtained CE MDR certification and MDSAP certification. Improve product quality with advanced manufacturing technology, introduce domestic and foreign automated production equipment, establish intelligent manufacturing, quality BI data and other management systems. Continuously improve the management and control process, and carry out digital transformation, and constantly improve the manufacturing capacity and management level.


Take the initiative to assume social responsibility and vigorously support social welfare and charity. Since starting a business, he has donated more than 500 million yuan to the society. It has won many titles such as "caring charity enterprise" and "sending charcoal in the snow, love without borders"; in 2020, it was awarded the title of "Jiangsu Province Medical Device Industry Advanced Unit to Fight against New Crown Pneumonia" and "Most Caring Charity Enterprise" in 2021.


In the face of new opportunities and new development, we believe that under the care and guidance of Party committees, governments, drug administration, taxation and other departments at all levels, we should improve our innovation ability, enhance our scientific research strength, and help the development of healthy China!


Quality Policy: Today's quality is tomorrow's market, and the safety of users is our aim.


Changfeng Spirit: Keeping the First Heart and Adding Health Assistance to Escort Life


Changfeng Vision: Contribute to society with high-quality medical products and services

Jiangsu Changfeng Medical Industry Co., Ltd.

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